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About Me

I am a Prince2 certified project manager with 8 years of experience in project management of civil engineering projects including tendering experience in the area of large concrete structures and IT projects, web development, new business, start-ups.

Project management and IT technology are two areas I’m passionate about and I am constantly learning and developing new skills.​

My Strenghts

  • Good presentation skills and sales + entrepreneurship background allow me to clearly define business needs and translate them into technical specs for project management.
  • Well developed interpersonal skills, assertive. Team-player, clearly communicating with engineers, IT, subcontractors.
  • Highly engaged and motivated, looking for project challenges in the IT/IS industry.
Ireneusz Krajewski Project Manager

Ireneusz Krajewski | Project Manager

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Professional Experience

01.2015 – present    Project Manager @ KERRIK LTD - Warsaw, PL/U.K.
  • On-line business management - selling of household electronic appliances.
  • Management of outsourcing partners (with Trello).
  • Business planning, business model design, processes definition (business model canvas, MVP, BPMN, mind-mapping).
  • Prospection and customer relationship management, on-line lead capturing and nurturing.
  • Content planning and management of advertisement campaigns in AdWords and Social Media (Facebook).
Business Model Canvas - CL sample

Business Model Canvas

Project mind-mapping

Project mind-mapping

Trello boards project management

Trello boards project management

Atom coding JavaScript

Atom coding JavaScript

08.2012 – 12.2014    Owner, small-business @ KERRIK Ireneusz Krajewski | 3Dma - Warsaw, PL
  • Daily management of small enterprise – 3D Printing services.
  • Assembly of 3D printers for printing small scale elements (20x20x20 cm), Arduino board parameterization.
09.2011 – 04.2012    Support Manager @ KGE Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. - Warsaw, PL

Business : design software for civil engineers and architects.

  • Management of the software support service, maintaining good relationships with clients, provision of technical support for architects and civil engineers, participation in industry fairs (e.g. Budma Poznan).
  • Organization of software presentations (real-life and on-line), execution and leading of software trainings.
  • Running software updates tests, execution of technical papers and software translations (Eng. 2 Pol.).
Allplan 3D - 4views

Allplan 3D - 4views

3D reinforcement

3D reinforcement

Nemetschek Allplan logo

Nemetschek Allplan logo

Ireneusz Krajewski BUDMA - Poznań 2012

Ireneusz Krajewski BUDMA trade fair Poznań 2012

09.2010 – 12.2010    Project Manager @ ERGON Poland Sp. z o.o. - Mszczonów, PL
  • Prospecting for new clients and contracts for manufacturing and assembly works by networking, cold calling, supporting the planning processes at an early stage (design phase).
  • Sales advisory in technical solutions related to the company’s products.
  • Management of projects (precast concrete frame structural elements) internally (between the design office, manufacturing plant, logistics) and externally (general construction companies, assembly teams).
  • Maintenance of a good communication flow within managed projects, participation in internal coordination and production planning meetings.
  • Execution of cost-estimates and offers, provision of legal support and invoicing for delivered works and products.
Ergon Poland logo

Ergon Poland logo

01.2008 – 08.2010    Technical Sales Advisor @ KP1 Polska Sp. z o.o. - Wrocław, PL

Business: civil engineering, manufacturer of precast concrete elements.

  • Technical projects management - related to the development of new production units, implantations and software.
  • Execution of KP1 Polska’s sales plans within the range of precast concrete elements and structures. Prospection and maintenance of good relationships with clients. Preparing offers, cost-estimations for precast projects.
  • Coordination of projects between the contractor, design office, manufacturing units, construction companies.
  • Preliminary trade talks with potential suppliers for production tools.
KP1 Poland logo

KP1 Poland logo

Concrete production tools - offer

Concrete production tools - offer

Engineering and technical projects executed within this company:

  • Exercise of factory production layout designs for a planned extension of manufacturing halls.
    - one project of this kind led to a modernization of an existing manufacturing hall increasing the production volumes by 40%,
    - a second project led to the execution of draft plans for a completely new production factory.
  • Development of a software for managing prefabricated slab shippings.
    - the slab data was imported directly from CAD software using Excel (with Visual Basic macros) and automatically generated sheets containing the slabs’ position on the lorries ready for print (incl. the geometry of elements and cars load capacities).- this tool allowed the CAD designers to speed up their work 300% by automating the process and avoiding double checks.
  • Execution of a new cost-estimation software tool for the sales team to speed up process of making offers.
    - this tool allowed the sales team to instantly (in a matter of seconds) produce draft drawings of precast concrete halls with already predefined optimal structural elements (beams, purlins, columns) and their estimated cost which allowed to produce fast and reliable sales support for making offers and supporting the negotiation process.
  • Execution of technical specs vital for the purchase of technical equipment for the manufacturing units
        (steel moulds, tilting tables, concrete mixing plants, steel bending machines).
  • Preparation of feasibility studies for production elements based on data gathered from factory, ext. contractors.
  • Implementation of Nemetschek Allplan CAD software and new design procedures for the design department.
  • Execution of work procedures in manufacturing units to implement CE (European safety) certificates and improve the work security.
  • Execution of marketing sheets and supplies for the company’s new product catalogue, technical translations.
Production hall layout

Production hall layout

Prestressed manufacturing plant - Gantt chart

Factory construction - Gantt chart

Predimensioning process design

Software - process design

Technology parameters calculating software

Technology parameters calculating software

03.2006 – 12.2007    Project Engineer @ KP1 R&D - Pujaut, FR
  • Managing technical projects (in-house) in the sub-department of production processes and IT tools development


  • Definition and introduction of a new line of concrete products (structural elements – beams, purlins) designed for the Polish market and with accordance to Polish civil engineering codes and norms.
  • Implementation of Allplan-Engineering 3D CAD software for the design of precast concrete elements in the Polish design office + definition of key settings to align the output data with manufacturing tools.
  • Conducting staff trainings in software operation and parameterization of design software in order to increase the efficiency of use.
  • Development of a new toolbar (user interface) for Allplan in order to speed-up the design process.
New precast concrete product line

New precast concrete product line

Production output calculations

Production output calculations

KP1 France logo

KP1 France - logo

Allplan toolbar development

Allplan toolbar development

08.2005 – 02.2006    CAD Designer @ KP1 - Pujaut, FR
  • Design of concrete slabs using AutoCAD, SmartSketch and software for logistics planning.
SmartSketch CAD design

SmartSketch CAD design

05.2003 – 08.2003    Technical Interpreter @ Saint-Gobain Stradal - Gdańsk, PL
Scope of responsibilities:

translations of technical staff meetings and email messages between a French client and Polish contractor – project: prototyping of steel moulds for the manufacture of concrete beams.


03.2011 – 03.2012    Project Management @ Warsaw School of Economics (Szkoła Główna Handlowa) - PL

Project Management postgraduate studies, 1-year.
Basics of project management, methodologies, change management, risk & quality, team & stakeholder management, planning and steering techniques (CPM, PERT, LOB, CC), project evaluation, financial controlling, PMO (p.m. office) and organization types.

Szkoła Główna Handlowa Warsaw - logo
10.2009 – 06.2010    Sales Management @ Higher Banking School (Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa) - Wrocław, PL

Sales Management postgraduate studies, 1-year.
Sales skills, negotiations, planning, team motivation techniques, etc.10.1998 – 06.2005 Technical University of Gdańsk (Politechnika Gdańska) – Civil Engineering faculty : technology and organization; specialization : precast concrete. Master’s degree.

Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa Wrocław - logo
10.1998 – 06.2005    Civil Engineering @ Technical University of Gdańsk (Politechnika Gdańska) - PL

Master's Degree in Civil Engineering
- faculty : technology and organization; specialization : precast concrete.

Politechnika Gdańska - logo


08.2019 Sales Training - Gloria Sales Consulting / Maciek Wódz
03.2019 WordPress - Talking with clients - certificate

12.2015APMG Prince2 Foundation certificate + Practitioner & training – project management methodology – CRM S.A., Warszawa
Certificate links: Prince2 Foundation | Prince2 Practitioner
03.2011Microsoft Project – BizTech Consulting, Warszawa
04.2011Project Management Days certificate – Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) – project management trainings and workshops
Prince2 certificates

Language Proficiency

FOREIGN LANGUAGES (level of knowledge):
Polish (mother tongue)SpokenWritten
English (C1)fluentvery good
French (C1)fluentvery good
German (B2)elementaryelementary
Spanish (B1)elementaryelementary

Computer/IT Skills

Programming languages:HTML+CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, XML, SQL basics, Delphi(Visual Pascal), Visual.Basic.NET, Arduino board
Databases:XML (very basic), SQL(basic)
Operating systems:Windows 3.1 to 10 (good knowledge), Linux (basic knowledge)
Application servers:JAVA (very basic), cloud computing (basic)
Graphic Design:Photoshop, Inkscape, Paint.NET
WEB-design:WordPress CMS, Atom, Meteor JS
Calculations and Analysis:MathCAD, SCIA (Finite Elements Method calculations)
Project Management software:Microsoft Project, JIRA+Confluence, OpenProj, Gantt Project, Trello, Asana, Quip

Programming skills graph

[thrive_progress_bar count=”6″ label0=”HTML + CSS” percentage0=”70″ color0=”red” label1=”JavaScript” percentage1=”40″ color1=”orange” label2=”PHP” percentage2=”30″ color2=”teal” label3=”XML & SQL” percentage3=”20″ color3=”blue” label4=”Visual Basic.NET” percentage4=”60″ color4=”purple” label5=”WordPress CMS” percentage5=”80″ color5=”blue”]

IKPM Technologies used

IKPM Technologies used

Additional Information

Character Traits

Character traits : initiative, self-reliance, long-term planning abilities, high personal standards, flexibility, fast-learner.

Microsoft IT Pro Career Center - skills resume

Main qualities as systems architect : problem solving, drive, influencing others, leadership, independence, risk tolerance, innovation, team orientation

My Skills resume from Microsoft IT Pro Career Center website (CLICK TO REVEAL CONTENT)

Interests : digital marketing, growth hacking, running.

Hobby : Argentine Tango - I am the organizer of the biggest tango dance event in Wroclaw ( since 2009.

Tango marathon Wroclaw

Ireneusz Krajewski Career Resume

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