How to Leverage Website Authority & Improve Ranking in Google? – SEO Basics

To leverage a website's authority means to improve one of the most important factors which enables your website to rank on higher positions in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Why should you care about Website Authority?

Having a nicely designed website is one thing, but putting it in front of as many "eye-balls" as possible is a completely separate job. You'll gain nothing from working on your content unless you know how to "advertise it" make it searchable and indexable for the most common search engines like Google, Bing, Baidoo or Yahoo (in most cases you should be comfortable focusing on Google - here's why).

What is SEO in general?

Aiming to improve the ranking in SERPs is the job of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) actions.

Paid vs. unpaid SEO

ways of generating website traffic

4 Ways of generating traffic to your website

Now... there are many techniques which can help you rank higher in search engines - basically there are two main groups: 
- paid SEO techniques,
- unpaid SEO techniques among these, there are techniques which focus on making a content more attractive to the potential visitors of your website by gaining a high authority - both in technical (high authority for web crawlers, which translates into priority in the search positions) and non-technical sense (high perceived value for visitors).

The Organic SEO

When you work on the elements which leverage the authority of your website without using paid techniques, we are speaking of Organic Search Engine Optimization (I am explaining this term more in details in the video below).

Video: How to Leverage a Website's Authority using Organic SEO?

This video explains the basic concepts of how search engines work and how to leverage website authority by only using organic SEO techniques.

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