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Meet Page Host Ireneusz Krajewski

Page Host: Ireneusz "Irek" Krajewski

Ireneusz Krajewski - Working on Projects
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Hi, my name is Ireneusz or Irek as that's the short form of my name.
I am the host of this page, so let us to get to know each other.

I am a Digital Project Manager, who helps clients grow their internet businesses and develop modern information products.

Currently I work for start-ups managing IT projects.
I hold a Master of Science in civil engineering and have spent 5 years in the precast concrete production industry in the roles of Project Manager and Technical Sales Advisor working on large engineering projects.

I personally own and operate these services : and Zdrowy-Dom (Healthy Home), as well as this professionally oriented blog at

My passions are new technologies, especially the IoT (Internet of Things) and growth-hacking. I am interested in digital marketing, constantly learning new e-marketing strategies.

I am interested in digital marketing, constantly learning new e-marketing strategies. 
My big hobby is dance, exclusively argentine tango. I am co-organizing the oldest tango dance marathon in Poland.

I can help you with your digital project on topics like:

  • Build a responsive web-service from scratch using HTML5+CSS, JS, PHP technologies, Bootstrap framework
  • Manage a digital project using Prince2 or Prince2 Agile methodology or a methodology tailored to the project's size
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), especially Authority SEO
  • Implement an effective Content Marketing Strategy for your blog or e-commerce
  • Build and engineer Sales Funnels, optimize the digital selling strategy for your website
  • Sales Pages optimization - build and optimize Landing Pages, Thank You Pages, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Pages

Please feel free to contact me using one of the buttons below or send an e-mail to: .

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Ireneusz Krajewski | Digital Project Management

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