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Ireneusz Krajewski Projects - Digital & Engineering.
Here You will find a quick recap of different types of projects I have managed throughout my professional career.

My work experience covers the following industries:
– civil engineering, information technologies, e-commerce.

You will find more about my career in this professional career resume.

Ireneusz Krajewski Project Manager

Ireneusz Krajewski | Project Manager

Tiny House Company logo

Tiny House Company logo

Currently working on: Tiny House Company
Project Progress

A Polish company with the goal to introduce the Tiny House movement in Poland and offer mobile house investment opportunities.

Completed Digital Projects

Zdrowy Dom Blog landing page


Blog about Healthy Home.

Tango Marathon

Tango Marathon

Big international tango dance in Wroclaw (PL).

JG Actress

Actress Page

A Polish actress webpage.

Carelings BLOG

Carelings BLOG

Blog about the Internet of Caring Things.

Cloud Monitoring System

Video Monitoring

A video monitoring system.

UX/UI Design

User experience design.

Non-Digital Projects

Project’s descriptionApproach & Technologies usedProject’s goal / My role /
Time of involvement
Design of new precast concrete construction elements for the Polish subsidiary of a large French construction company– structural elements design– product conception– product design– product launchProject’s goal: Conception and design of a
new line of concrete products
My role: coordination of work of the project team, ensuring communication with the Project Board, milestone revision meetings, technical consultations and negotiations with suppliers, cost-estimation, cost-planning, project scope definition, technical specifications for suppliers, ensuring the delivery of specialist products – both nonphysical (designs and plans) and physical
Time of involvement in the project: 12 months
Implementation of a new CAD design software for civil engineers– UI design (user interface)– parameterization of software (definition of
input/output data and products)– diagramming– procedures design and execution
Project’s goal: The goal of this project was to switch old design software and procedures and replace them with one tool available on the market
My role: Technical specifications and processes planning and execution, change management, stakeholders identification, communication assurance, user interface remodelling to enhance and speed up the design process, definition of IO data and specialist products.
Time of involvement in the project: 3 months
Production layout execution for a new extension of the manufacturing plant– production layout design– outputs definition– processes mappingProject’s goal: Design and define the outputs (production volumes, types of manufactured products) for the planned extension of a factory
My role:
project scope definition, time boundaries
definition, technical specifications execution, plans execution, negotiations and constant communication with external manufacturing tools suppliers.
Time of involvement in the project: 8 months
Adaptation of an existing design software for the purposes of company’s design office in Poland– XML– JAVAProject’s goal: To analyze an existing software used in French design office (ACP Poutre), its capabilities, functionalities, degree of complexity and produced outputs (data, drawings, plans) and prepare a detailed report on its usefulness for the needs of a Polish subsidiary (design office in PL).
My role: gather and analyze information about all
functionalities and compare to alternative solutions, communicate with the various design offices in Poland and France to collect needed data, analyze software platform (Java) and possibility of deployment in a secure software environment in Polish design office (establish secure connection with French IT department), analyze XML files to determine the exact output data and possibility to evaluate this data in order to create cost estimations
Time of involvement in the project: 2 months
Design of a plugin to export elements output by the design software and automatically generate logistics/delivery documents– Excel + Visual Basic.NET (macros)– object programming (the physical products were
represented as object variables/data)– software prototyping– XML
Project’s goal: Analyze an existing software output files (which contain plans of physical products to be manufactured in the factory) and prototype & design a plugin which transforms this data and creates delivery documents+plans for the logistics department
My role: analysis of output data, execution of software structure, diagrams and coding in VBNet, testing.
Time of involvement in the project: 2-3 weeks
Comparison of different software licenses and
component used in design offices in Poland and France and optimization of these software packages
– comparison chartsProject’s goal: Goal: define 2-3 software packages responding best to design offices needs to save money and maintain consistency between various design offices.
My role: collect and analyze existing software licences in several design offices, analyze user needs and usability of various software components, advocate for the best 2-3 solutions to fulfil most needs
Time of involvement in the project: 1 month
Analysis of an existing software solution from the market and execution of guidelines for designing a connection/link with
company’s ERP systems
– XML– FEM Software for civil engineering calculations
(Finite Elements Method)
Project’s goal: analyze XML file data produced by SCIA (calculations software) and define the output data possible to use as a basis for cost estimation of designed elements (physical products)
My role: collect and analyze existing software licences in several design offices, analyze user needs and usability of various software components, advocate for the best 2-3 solutions to fulfil most needs
Time of involvement in the project: 2 months
Comparison of French and Polish design codes and design procedures to draw a map of differences between the two– Eurocodes, Polish civil engineering design codesProject’s goal: Goal: compare the differences in calculations and design approaches between Polish and French engineers
My role: Establish a list of exact norms, codes, good practices used in the design offices, prepare a detailed comparison table which could be used as a basis for products specifications and ordering
Time of involvement in the project: 3 months
Find a solution to clean CAD plans (2D drawings) from unnecessary elements and prepare templates for the design process– UI analysis and redesign– software parameterization– output files specifications analysis– batch testingProject’s goal: Goal: define and adapt an existing CAD software solution in order to process and
produce templates for further use in a concrete slab design process
My role: define the existing problem with templates, test and analyze 7 available software solutions as solutions to the above problem, choose 1 solutions and implement it on one test site (one design office), redesign the user interface in order to produce the desired output fast and in a logic way, document the whole process and prepare a manual, prepare design office staff trainings
Time of involvement in the project: 1 month
Translation of Allplan Precast from English/German to Polish– Passolo Translator– UI testingProject’s goal: Goal: access translation files, translate and test the user interface
My role:
extract the translation files with the help of external IT support, use a translator to access the content and translate it, test the translations in the user interface
Time of involvement in the project: 1 month
Introduction of production planning templates into all company’s project processes– advanced ExcelProject’s goal: prepare a solution to track and define workloads of the factory
My role:
analyze existing tools in a French parent company, define the desired output data and graphical representation, design an Excel spreadsheet to track the desired values and provide graphs for the management, implement the solution across all major departments in the company, prepare a manual with definition of the whole process
Time of involvement in the project: 1 month
Feasibility study: prestressed precast concrete slabs for bridges – production in the Polish factory– feasibility studiesProject’s goal: Evaluate the possibility of manufacturing slabs according to Polish design codes and using specific production tools
My role: Communication with factory workers, experts, quality control, design office and logistics in order to determine the constraints and technical parameters for production of specific slabs,
Time of involvement in the project: 1 month
Spreadsheet for predimensioning concrete structures (prefabricated halls)– Excel– Visual Basic.NETProject’s goal:Goal: Execution of a tool able to produce sheets
with proposed dimensions of concrete halls on the basis of some input data.
My role: Execution of a technical specification for this tool, definition of object (structural elements) properties, calculations of internal forces to be input as properties of these objects, entering objects into an excel database, VB programming,
Time of involvement in the project: 1 month
Design of a new product catalogue (paper folder) for the company– marketing briefs and specificationsProject’s goal: Produce a new product folder as a sales support.
My role: Execution of a draft in Word + specifications to outsource the printing work.
Time of involvement in the project: 1 month

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