Why you should look at your projects at a wider perspective?

The world’s now full of tools to that are supposed to help you get things done, quicker, easier, more consciously


You the User are the same and most of the tools require you to bend to the system that’s been invented for an average project manager or everyday home affairs manager.

It’s not what tools you use to get things done, it’s more what you do, which advances you in life. Better be something meaningful than just entertaining.

So, what’s the best tool to help you get meaningful (to you) stuff done in life?

Could even be a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

Allright, so what’s really helpful in life is to have a long-term vision and long-term goals, to prioritize them and understand how they are interdependent.

What’s helpful after that is to divide these long-term (many years) projects is to set up exact completion dates and divide them into milestones - smaller phases, which are like cornerstones to achieving the BIG meaningful life goal.

And once you have that - focus only on the first milestone - divide it into smaller, more manageable parts and act on them on a day-to-day basis. Move forward to get to this first milestone.

Remember this is a journey and while on this journey you’ll learn a lot, evaluate your progress many times and probably even re-define your main goals.

It’s perfectly ok to redefine the goals as life is not carved in stone.

Don’t focus exclusively on the final achievement, make use of what you learn while “on the road”.

So… getting back to the GTD software.

What it lacks is the possibility to deduce from your To-Do lists what’s the BIG perspective and how all these small tasks are intertwined and interconnected - what are the relations between them.

It’s just as if you started from the end and you have to store all this meaningful structure somewhere else, unfortunately very often in your own mind.

Hence you miss the point of the GTD of getting it all out of your head into the app to break the unconscious thinking and worrying cycles which go on until you get this out.

Something broken and we should fix it to really get things done!

Post's photo by STIL on Unsplash

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